Villa Rentals In Phuket

phuket villa for rent

Phuket resorts are a great place to spend your dream holiday in Thailand. You have a lot of options. There are luxurious 5 star hotels, very intimate boutique hotels, travel inns, and rented apartments and villas. If you want to get great value for money without sacrificing the quality of your stay, there are a number of cheap Phuket resorts you can choose from. One very good option is the Lemongrass Hotel Patong.

This resort provides quality accommodations at a reasonable price. Who’s to say that you need to dip way down low and dig a hole on your pocket to have a good vacation? Here in Phuket, it is very possible to have a good place to stay without breaking your budget.  Lemongrass Resort allows guests to have an unforgettable experience of the Patong Beach without spending so much.

The rooms are simple but contemporary. They are decorated using soothing colour schemes that work well and complement the surroundings. The bed is clean and comfortable, letting guests relax completely and without worry. There’s also an internet access of site and some of the things that you might need such as hair dryers, safe, and  TV. The design is dominated by rich coloured fabrics and wooden accents, just like what can be seen in most Phuket resorts.

The lobby is open all day, so all your concerns shall be addressed very easily. This is among the cheap Phuket resorts that are known for their superb service. Very accommodating staffs will attend to your every need, so your vacation will be as smooth flowing and fun as possible. The rooms are only a few minutes away from the beach, so you can swim any time of the day you want or just simply enjoy walking along the shoreline with your family or loved one. Comfortable couches are there, so you can relax whenever you want.

Dining is a very pleasurable experience here in Lemongrass Hotel. The ambience is very warm and cosy, and it feels absolutely familiar, much like a neighbourhood dining place we all love. Here, friends and family can gather together and enjoy a very good meal. Try some of your old favourites at Dining on the rocks Koh Samui, that are given a twist or have the daring to try some traditional Thai delicacies. A taste of the exotic is something you should welcome every once in a while.

Staying in one of the cheap Phuket resorts such as this hotel is one way to save some money on your Thai vacation. This way, you can get a huge chunk of the island experience wise, as you can spend your money on a variety of attractions and activities.

The Patong Beach is very popular because of its many attractions. Beach sports enthusiast will surely love all the wide range of activities that they can try here. Guests can try snorkelling, kite surfing, diving, and a lot more. It is very hard to be bored with a place such as Phuket. Book your stay now. You will love it here.

Best Phuket Beaches: Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa

A tropical vacation would most likely involve the beach. This is only natural as beaches are highly popular destinations in tropical countries like Thailand. Phuket resorts are often favoured by travellers as they provide the ultimate beach experience. Also, as most of them are secluded and far away from all the noise and pollution, it’s like being in a retreat when you’re near the Phuket beaches.
Phuket beaches such as the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa are known for their superb service and their very impressive accommodations. In fact, the Hilton name is associated with luxury when it comes to hotels and resorts.

The Hilton Suite is probably the grandest accommodation you can find here. This is spacious and well decorated, using the most harmonious tones and most comfortable furnishings. From the very large bed, which is well prepared, to the sitting room, it is like living in a place fit for a royalty. The mesmerizing views of the Andaman Sea will greet the guests upon their arrival. Overall, this is a very relaxing haven that is very near the beach, you can actually feel the cool morning sea breeze when you open the windows.

Thai Thai Restaurant is a highly recommended dining place here at the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa. What better way to enjoy Phuket than by trying its delicacies? Here, guests will be able to taste the delicate flavours of Thai cuisine while enjoying the views of the Andaman Sea. The combination of great gourmet meals and amazing view will make your dining moments a lot more special. For some quick bites while you work on your PC, there’s the Caffe Cino. The relaxing wooden dominated interiors will help you feel more at ease and relaxed. The Buon Appetito offers great European selections and fine wines. This is a great venue for an intimate dinner for two as the ambience is laidback yet stylish. You will surely have a great meal here---every time. Most of the favourite Italian dishes are right here, so if you love pasta and succulent meats, go here.

Hilton is among the Phuket resorts that has a Kid’s Club. This is good news to those who have kids with them. Children need to be able to mingle with other kids and have fun by means of games and other social activities. Allowing them to join the Kid’s Club will make sure that their stay in Phuket will be meaningful and unforgettable.
For the not-so-kids-anymore, there’s the spa. The Hilton spa specializes in body treatments that will totally free the body from stress and tension. Here, the soothing aroma of all natural essential oils will help one feel more at ease and relaxed. Expert healing hands deliver the service, so they are guaranteed to work. Guests will leave feeling rejuvenated. Their body wraps and body polishes are a must try. At the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort, there’s also a fitness centre where guests can shape up.

Best Phuket Hotels: Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel and Villa

If you are on the lookout for the best Phuket hotels, your list will not be complete if Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel and Villa is not included. This is among the finest Phuket resorts and hotels available. If luxury is what you want, luxury is exactly what you’ll get here. This is a hidden treasure here in Phuket. It is unbelievably beautiful and has the most fascinating views you will ever see.

The blueness of the water is so tranquil that you’d definitely never want to leave. Imagine waking up and gazing at all that picturesque glory. It’s like living in a modern paradise. The great thing about this Phuket hotel is that as beautiful and natural the scenery is, the hotel is very modern and contemporary. Practically everything you might ever need is right here. The Kamala Beach is definitely a sight to behold and makes a great backdrop to any tropical vacation.

There is a very modern fitness centre for your shape up needs, as well as leisure facilities like billiard tables and such. In every corner of the hotel, one can admire the view. Everything outside is dominated by various shades of blue, green, and white----in a soothing harmony that is very much relaxing.

The rooms are very elegant, featuring a large bed that is prepared to perfection. Comfortable linens and relaxing soft pillows are available for your use. The Sea view studios are perfect for a businessman who is here on special work related functions or the lone traveller seeking quality accommodations. For more space and even more luxurious surroundings, the villas are highly recommended. The villas here at Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel are among the best you can see in all Phuket hotels. Beautifully private, they can even be used as honeymoon havens for newly married couples who are here on their very first vacation as husband and wife. This stunning hotel in Phuket is very romantic, very tranquil, and simply magical. The sceneries are just unbelievable.

Like in most luxurious Phuket hotels, it won’t be complete without impressing the guests with gourmet meals. With a number of very posh restaurants, it is very easy to see why guests keep on coming back to Cape Sienna. There’s the Plum Restaurant with its unrivalled ambience. Al Fresco dining has never been so spectacular. Native woven furnishings dominate the place. The food is excellent and coupled with the ambience, the effect is superb. It is like dining in some place exotic. The place is worth a visit.

For guests who only want supreme pampering, there is no place like the spa. Here guests can have a soothing spa therapy session that is proven to work. Truly, there’s is nothing like being pampered from head to toe. There’s just something about being surrounded with the smell of intoxicating essential oils like sandalwood and ylang ylang that is very good to the body and soul.
Let Phuket hotels like the Cape Sienna make your dream vacation come true. Book your stay now.

Phuket Family Resorts: Six Senses Yao Noi

Staying in Phuket for a grand vacation is a very good idea especially if you happen to be a beach lover. An extended vacation with the whole family will surely be a lot of fun here in Phuket Thailand as there are so many things to do and lots of interesting sights to see. There are zoos, spas, shopping centers, eccentric dining places, and so much more. Of course, there are the beaches.

Phuket family resorts such as the Six Senses Yao Noi will ensure that your stay in Thailand will be both fun and memorable. The Six Senses Resort is a dream. It is all about the beach, in its stunning glory. The sky is almost always clear, giving a perfect weather for a really good swim. Because of its picture perfect location, it is often chosen as a wedding venue by plenty of couples from all over the world.

If you are looking for the best holiday rentals in Phuket, this resort is truly perfect. It is surrounded by trees and the accommodations are extremely inviting. The View---which is the latest addition to their villas is a sight to behold. This is a major stunner, much like a house full of floor to ceiling windows so guests can witness the beauty of the beach in all corners. This is just pure bliss. Made majorly of woods, this feels like a super grand beach house and is just as spacious so you can move about without worry. The bed is large and comfortable, making each sleeping moment a treat on itself. This has its own elevated balcony, giving the best views of the sea. Lounge chairs are present, so guests can simply sit here and enjoy the magnificent surroundings. This is where one can admire the sea without any distraction. For a very large group, the 4-bedroom villa is a must try. As one of the most spacious living spaces here at the Six Senses Yao Noi, you can be sure that there’s enough place for everyone. Guests won’t feel cramped but still can be able to gather in one place, which is perfect.

Here, guests will be able to spend their vacation to the fullest. At the resort, there are yoga classes, cooking lessons where they teach Thai cuisines, bicycle tours, and excursions. Guest can head to the gym or join other folks in meditation sessions.

Dining is a hearty experience everyone will surely enjoy. The Hilltop Restaurant is one of the best dining places one can see in Phuket family resorts. The ambience here is very good, and the view is just amazing. Serving gourmet meals from breakfast till dinner, you can be sure that each of your cravings will be more than satisfied. This is the place to sample local seafood, garden fresh salads, and some of the best wines that are aged to perfection. Authentic Thai dishes are also offered here.

Book your stay at the Six Senses Yao Noi and have a happy vacation.